Flood insurance, available everywhere

Your FloodFlash policy pays a fixed sum as soon as flood water reaches a pre-agreed depth. We provide bespoke, fair premiums for everyone.

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Event-based flood insurance

We believe that FloodFlash’s event-based insurance policy is the best way to provide affordable protection to those who need it most.

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03How to get covered

A FloodFlash policy works differently

Payment based on depth rather than cost of damage


Select your payment and depth; we’ll give an instant, tailored quote (and you can adjust the payment and depth to make the quote work for you)


We’ll be at your property within 14 days to install a FloodFlash sensor


We check the sensor readings; if water has risen above the agreed depth, then we send you the payment, no arguments


There are no restrictions on how you use the cash: cover property damage, business interruption, stock, whatever you need


Your FloodFlash policy can do things a traditional policy can’t


  • “FloodFlash are amazing! We are so pleased to be able to offer our clients affordable, no hassle, flood insurance even in areas where other insurers will offer no cover at all. There is nothing like it in the market”
    Stephen Ward
    RAW Insurance Brokers
  • “Without FloodFlash we would have no flood insurance at all, which is a massive worry for a community sports club having suffered a number of floods previously. The premium is affordable and the service has been fantastic”
    Ronnie Bell
    Carlisle Squash Club
  • “After suffering 3 floods in 10 years our insurers were very reluctant to provide any flood cover at all. FloodFlash has given our business a lifeline if we suffer a future flood”
    Alex Harding
    Harding & Redgewell


Provide FloodFlash policies to your clients

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