Commercial flood cover that means business

Rapid payout insurance is changing the way landlords and businesses recover from flooding.

Discover how FloodFlash can help regardless of your flood history.

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“It’ll be the best thing you’ve done in 5 years”

In February Martyn’s business flooded after Storm Ciara. FloodFlash paid their claim the next day. No haggling, no waiting, just money in the bank. Find out how real FloodFlash customers rate rapid-payout flood cover in our testimonial films.

Martyn Gibbons
Knowl End Farm, Todmorden

How it works

Our data and smart sensor approach removes the uncertainty, cost and time of traditional insurance. As a result we can provide fast, easy and flexible cover to the businesses and landlords that need it most. Watch the short intro video to find out more.

How FloodFlash is different

Our type of parametric insurance is different to traditional indemnity cover and it comes with some big advantages. Check out the table to the right to see how we stack up against traditional insurance.

Traditional insurance FloodFlash
Available to landlords & businesses
A-rated Lloyd's capacity
No excess
State of the art sensor
Pick your own premium
Spend the payout how you want
No loss adjustment
Rewards resilence
Quote for any property

Explore rapid-payout cover

FloodFlash isn’t like traditional commercial flood insurance. It is faster, smarter and more transparent. Select the tabs below to explore behind your policy.

Your smart sensor explained

A FloodFlash sensor comes with each policy. It measures flood depth at your property so that we can start working on your claim as soon as your policy triggers.



Each sensor is equipped with high-accuracy, ultrasonic depth measurement technology - a bit like the parking sensors on a car. It also has mobile connectivity to send up-to-date flood data to FloodFlash HQ.


The sensor is built to last. It features a battery that lasts up to 12 years, tamper proofing and a memory chip to store data for when networks fail. It can weather almost any storm that comes your way.


The sensor is tamper and fraud proof. It has been tested under storm conditions so it’s up to any challenge. Plus the simple installation means that we can organise no-fuss replacements if needed.
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How installation works

Once you’ve taken out a FloodFlash policy, the next step is to get the sensor installed on the outside of your property. It happens in three simple steps.


Choose sensor location

This happens at the quote stage. The property footprint you select for your cover (available on the statement of fact document we send to you) dictates where you have selected for your sensor. Need to change it? No problem, just request a new quote.

Engineer visit to install

Once you’ve confirmed the quote and purchased the cover, we send an engineer to your property. They bring the sensor and tools, you just need to make sure the area you want the sensor is cleared beforehand.

Sensor health check

Once installed, the engineer initiates the sensor and it begins sending readings to FloodFlash HQ. We check these readings to make sure everything is working. After that the sensor is vigillant, ready to report the first sign of flooding and start a claim.

How claims works

FloodFlash claims don’t have the paperwork and waiting associated with most insurance. We aim to pay the majority of claims within 48 hours - our fastest ever took just 9 hours and 44 minutes.


Flooding triggers the sensor

When your sensor detects a flood at your selected trigger depth, it sends the data to us via wireless networks

We verify the data

We carry out a few checks on the sensor data and other local sources to make sure everything is correct and there has been a flood.

We pay out

Once the checks have been passed, we ask for your businesses bank account details and send the money.
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Explore FloodFlash


A FloodFlash sensor measures flood depth at your property and tells us when your policy triggers.

Features include:

  • Mobile connectivity to send data
  • 12 year battery
  • storm and fraud proof

When your sensor detects flooding at your chosen depth, we start the claim. You don’t need to submit any forms.

Features include:

  • Average payment time 48 hours
  • No forms to fill in
  • Post claim support available from FloodFlash approved partners

Authorised and regulated by the FCA

FloodFlash Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FloodFlash policies are underwritten by Munich Re Innovation Syndicate.

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Pay claims in full within days of a flood


No long documents or negotiations come payout time


Control every part of your policy to suit your business