uninsured flood losses

Every year catastrophic flooding causes $50bn of losses.

$41bn of that isn’t protected by insurance. This leaves people, businesses and governments to foot the bill.

At FloodFlash we are trying to make the world more resilient to catastrophic losses. We strongly believe that FloodFlash’s event-based insurance is the most efficient, affordable way to transfer that $41bn/year of uncovered loss to those who are built to take it: global insurance firms.

We also believe that we have the best possible team to do it: PhDs and published scientists calculating your premium; former Dyson product designers building your sensor, and expert insurance software engineers knitting everything together into one seamless experience.

About Event-based Insurance

Event-based or ‘parametric’ insurance similar to FloodFlash has been used successfully for years. Everything from small settlements for farmers in developing nations to $200m policies protecting some of the world’s most critical infrastructure are settled based on simple measurements of events.

With event-based insurance, underwriters are less exposed to the uncertainties around how catastrophes translate to financial losses. This is why the premiums they need to charge are not as high as with a traditional policy.

Event-based insurance is transparent and objective. We don’t need to send round loss adjusters; you don’t need to read twenty pages of policy to know what’s included and what isn’t. If your trigger depth has been breached, we pay the full amount: normally on the same day.

About your FloodFlash Premium

Your premium is calculated as a function of the flood risk that you or your business faces. Our scientists use lots of data to work this out: records of previous flood events, LiDAR terrain data, historic rainfall records, and plenty more.

You can change your premium by selecting a different depth or settlement amount:

If you think you’ll need £100,000 rather than £200,000 to recover after a flood, you can reduce your settlement amount and your premium.

If you’ve installed barriers that will protect your premises in a one meter flood, a one meter trigger depth will give you a lower premium than a 20cm trigger.

Designed for use with a FloodFlash insurance policy

Tamper resistant

Cutting-edge, high-accuracy measurements

Simple, fast installation

Real-time data feedback

Self-contained power and communications