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Program designed to support vehicle sales and rental businesses that have been denied flood coverage. FloodFlash has added a [...]

There’s less than 1 week to go until BIBA! Keep reading for three reasons to visit our stand, as [...]

That’s it, April is done. From new insurance programs to spotlights and interviews, it’s been a busy month! We [...]

We spoke to Ciana Kenny, who heads up our UK Distribution team. We asked her a few questions about [...]

‘Flood BI’ will support NFIP and primary flood coverage where BI coverage isn’t available. [NEW YORK, April 2024] A [...]

FloodFlash policies operate a little differently to traditional insurance policies. Every FloodFlash policy comes with a smart sensor. It is [...]

There are loads of examples of sectors underserved by the flood market, but nothing gets the insurance community fired [...]

Hurricanes are typically the biggest and most costly disasters that the US faces each year. And the coming hurricane [...]

We take a look at the risks facing manufacturing businesses, and why FloodFlash is an excellent option to support [...]

As Q1 draws to a close, the ramp-up to hurricane season begins. We used March to set good foundations, [...]

The quality of parametric insurance is defined by how well payments and losses match up. We take a look [...]

An insurance policy is only as good as the claims that come with it. Claims are the “the proof [...]