Case studies

FloodFlash in action

We’re proud to provide cover to customers across Britain. Here are just a few examples of how FloodFlash can help you regain control of your business in the threat of flooding.

Oxera Repair Products

Manufacturing - Mirfield

Oxera’s last insurance experience was not a positive one. Their 2015 claim took over 7 months and threats to complain to the ombudsman before it was paid. Fortunately they had some cash reserves that allowed the business to carry on during the wait.
With lots of product on the warehouse floor and plans to expand the business, it was key that they secured insurance. They chose trigger depths to complement their flood gates in order to keep their premiums down. When water breached the flood gates during Storm Ciara, they received their FloodFlash payout in a single day.

Within less than 24-hours we’d had the insurance claim paid. It was unbelievable. We didn’t have to do anything really. It was all done by them

Paul Wadsworth - Oxera

Automotive Electrical

Truck Repair Shop - Mirfield

Automotive Electrical were denied renewal terms after changes to their flood risk. Their MD Andy Hodgson took out a FloodFlash policy to replace the cover that they had lost.
In February, the FloodFlash sensor triggered late on a Sunday afternoon. By the close of business on Monday they received their payment. Later that week, they were already up and running again.

It seems too good to be true. The money’s in the bank. Everybody’s done what they said they were going to do

Andy Hodgson - Automotive Electrical

Harding and Redgewell

Repair Garage - Carlisle

The last thing you want after a flood event is to have your cover taken away by your insurer. This is exactly what happened to garage owner Alex Harding. Extensive flooding in 2005, 2009 and 2015 meant that traditional insurers were no longer willing to take on the risk, and they were forced to operate without cover for a number of years.
FloodFlash have provided a safety net for the business, allowing them to operate without fear that another flood might shut them down for good.

Our insurers were very reluctant to provide any flood cover at all. FloodFlash has given our business a lifeline if we suffer a future flood

Alex Harding - Harding and Redgewell

Tonbridge Juddians RFC

Rugby Club - Kent

Kent based rugby club Tonbridge Juddians struggled to find cover for a number of years. They built the clubhouse on raised foundations and resigned themselves to operating with a reserve of cash to bail them out if a flood were to happen.
When they were introduced to FloodFlash not only were they able to use the reserve for other crucial spending needs, but from raising the clubhouse they had made the premium much more affordable.

The club are very happy with the cover, they haven’t been able to get it anywhere else for quite a few years now

Charlie Jarvis - NDML

Engine Social

Restaurant - Halifax

When you’re running a business in the Calder Valley finding flood insurance can demand far too much attention. Restaurant manager Wil Akroyd managed to find flood insurance for the business, but at greatly inflated premiums.
Thanks to a few conversations with expert brokers Wilby and their new FloodFlash policy, the restaurant now has the flood cover they need at a fraction of the price.

The great thing about FloodFlash is that it means that our premiums are lower because it’s specific to our location. The saving we’ve made allows us to invest in other parts of the business and make improvements there.

Wil Akroyd – Engine Social

CRS Consultants

Insurance Broker – Northwich

In November 2019 floods swept across the North of England. Northwich-based CRS Consultants had previously raised their office by 1 metre, but despite their resilience the business still ended up losing out.
CRS wanted insurance that had lower premiums to reflect their investment in resilience measures. They chose a FloodFlash policy and split the payout across multiple trigger depths. Starting at a higher depth made the premium significantly more affordable.

We would highly recommend FloodFlash to any client and what better way to promote the protection a FloodFlash policy offers than to have one ourselves!

Ian Proudley – CRS Consultants