Parametric underwriting at FloodFlash

We delve into some of the differences between parametric and indemnity underwriting, and share some of the recent innovations in the world of parametric insurance. What is parametric insurance? Let’s start with recapping the basics. Parametric insurance follows an ‘if this, then that’ structure. At FloodFlash, if flood water reaches a pre-agreed depth, we pay […]

Why sports clubs choose FloodFlash for more flexible flood cover  

With the Euros kicking off in Germany this week, just two weeks after major flooding affected the country, we thought it a good opportunity to delve into sports clubs. How does flooding impact a sports club? When a flood hits a sports club, the first casualty is often the pitch or playing surface itself. Long […]

UK summer storm projections and why flood risk remains high 

Perhaps unsurprisingly to readers, this year’s spring was far wetter than average for most of the UK. According to the Met Office, the UK saw nearly a third more rain than average over the months of March, April and June. With a record-equalling 11 storms so far in the 2023/24 season, is number 12 on the […]

How FloodFlash helps hospitality businesses minimise disruption after a flood

The hospitality sector contributes a significant amount to the US and UK economy. But finding insurance for these businesses can be difficult. We take a look at the flood risks facing the sector, how FloodFlash can help, and share two case studies. The flood risk facing hospitality businesses There’s nothing better than enjoying lunch next […]

Technology, claims and BIBA: A spotlight on Ciana Kenny

We spoke to Ciana Kenny, who heads up our UK Distribution team. We asked her a few questions about working at FloodFlash, as well as the upcoming BIBA conference. Kirsty Hume: What were you doing before you joined FloodFlash? Ciana Kenny: ‘I’ve worked in B2B sales roles for 10 years, starting out at Red Letter […]

How FloodFlash can help cover golf courses and country clubs

There are loads of examples of sectors underserved by the flood market, but nothing gets the insurance community fired up like golf! And given The Masters Tournament is coming up we decided to show how we can cover even these neglected, more niche, risks by sharing our approach to golf course risks. The problem with […]

Diving into 2024 hurricane season

Hurricanes are typically the biggest and most costly disasters that the US faces each year. And the coming hurricane season is set to be ‘supercharged’ by warm oceans and the “La Niña” weather event, with more, and more violent storms predicted. Now is the best time to make sure your clients are covered for June […]

Why manufacturing businesses choose FloodFlash to reopen faster than ever

We take a look at the risks facing manufacturing businesses, and why FloodFlash is an excellent option to support their flood insurance needs. Manufacturing and flooding – what’s the risk? In the past, it made sense to locate factories near waterways or the coast – water provided transport and power. But now, with the rising […]

Structuring the perfect policy for larger flood risks

The quality of parametric insurance is defined by how well payments and losses match up. We take a look at structuring, one of the tools we use to correlate our payouts with the losses that clients experience better than ever before.  What is structuring The best way to think about structuring is as an extra […]