The FloodFlash Risk Report - now with MP support

To celebrate our commercial risk awareness campaign for 2022 we are proud to announce the latest edition of the Commercial Risk Report. It provides a detailed look at commercial flood risk across Britain and a glimpse into how decision makers are coping with that risk. The second edition released earlier this year includes an exclusive foreword by Emma Hardy MP. Start your journey to flood risk expertise with the free download today.

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What's inside the Commercial Risk Report

The 2022 Commercial Risk Report provides an up to date view of the flood data behind every FloodFlash quote. We use the latest data from our partners at JBA, the Environment Agency and Ordnance Survey alongside FloodFlash survey data in partnership with Savanta to paint a picture of the risk that British businesses face from flooding and what their attitudes are to dealing with that risk.

How many businesses are at risk? What industries are most at risk? What are businesses doing about it? All these questions are answered with statistics and infographics to bring them to life.

NEW for 2022 - we explored business decision maker attitudes to flood insurance. Are they fully covered? What would they do to improve the service? What other measures do they have in place? We answer these questions for the first time.