Excel at excess infill

In the third instalment of our Autumn campaign, we look at how to use FloodFlash as an excess infill and the benefits this can have for your clients.

Using FloodFlash to cope with high excesses

Brokers across the country use FloodFlash when traditional insurance isn’t available. Some have used FloodFlash to help clients save their money from loaded premiums (see how in this article). Despite the growing popularity of our smart commercial flood cover, many brokers don’t know that FloodFlash is available as excess cover. In fact, in many cases it is the best option.

Despite low knowledge, excess infill policies represent roughly 20% of all FloodFlash policies sold. Here’s how FloodFlash excess service measures up vs. traditional excess infill products.

Table comparing a FloodFlash excess infill policy to standard excess infill policies.
A FloodFlash excess infill policy has some key benefits compared to standard excess infill policies.

FloodFlash excess infill policies behave in the same way as regular FloodFlash policies. That means that clients don’t need to claim on the main policy to receive their FloodFlash payout. They also benefit from a rapid payout. This can be helpful to deal with the immediate costs of flooding such as clean-up or finding alternative premises whilst the client waits for the main claim to come in.

A final (and perhaps the biggest) advantage of FloodFlash compared to traditional excess products is the flexibility. Clients can set their payout in any multiple of £5,000. This means that if you want to see what premiums look like with a higher excess, we can support you in partnership with the main insurer. In some cases, increasing the excess and covering the difference with FloodFlash can lead to a significant saving.

Whether you’ve been using FloodFlash for your client’s excesses for a while, or you’re about to try – email brokers@floodflash.co and we’ll take you through it step by step.

This blog is part of the FloodFlash Autumn Campaign 2022. If you’e a FloodFlash broker, your broker success representative will be in touch shortly with exclusive materials. Not a FloodFlash broker? You may not have access to all of the content but we’ll do our best to help. Get in touch with chris@floodflash.co to get started.