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Flood Warnings: a quick guide

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In the build-up to bad weather or storms like Hurricane Lorenzo, the news is full of warnings about the risk of flooding. But what are these warnings? We’ve put together a quick guide answering this question and to help you be better prepared for when flooding does occur.

What are the different flood warnings?

There are three main types of warning put out by the environment agency when there is a risk of flooding:

Flood Alert

Flooding is possible – be prepared

Triggers include forecasts of intense rainfall for rivers that respond rapidly and high tides with strong winds

Flood Warning

Flooding is expected – immediate action required

Triggers include high tides with strong winds and heavy rain forecast to cause flash flooding of rivers

Severe Flood Warning

Severe flooding – threat to life

Triggers include actual flooding where conditions pose a significant risk to life and/or widespread disruption to communities

Where to find flood warnings?

There are numerous websites that provide information on flood warnings. Unfortunately there is no one website for all of the UK, but services that cover each constituent nation. We’ve picked some of the best links to help you find out if you’re impacted by the warnings.

Flood Warnings for England:

Flood Warnings in Wales:

Flood Warnings in Scotland:

Flood Warnings in Northern Ireland:

Where can I get more information?

Want to know more? The Environment Agency has an in-depth guide – detailing when the warnings are used and advice for individuals and organisations – which is available here.