FloodFlash and Polygon partner up for full flood solution

This month FloodFlash announced a new partnership with property damage restoration and prevention specialists Polygon. The partnership gives customers access to a full-service solution that supports their FloodFlash rapid-payout cover.

What does the FloodFlash Polygon partnership mean for businesses?

This new partnership means that business will have market leading support throughout their flood risk journey. Together, FloodFlash and Polygon will help businesses before, during and after a flood. Here are the key features:

BEFORE: resilience and flood defence survey and installation service

The pre-loss mitigation service identifies key flood risks. Polygon experts provide insight on the property based on trading priorities. This helps businesses select their FloodFlash trigger depths and payout amounts. Usually this service comes with a fee. However, FloodFlash customers can access the resilience survey for free.

Depending on the results of the free survey, businesses may want to install flood resilience measures. Polygon can help there too. They will help tailor flood resilience solutions to suit individual properties. When business owners make their property resilient to a certain depth of flooding, they avoid disruption at lower depths. Better still, those business owners can also choose higher trigger depths for their FloodFlash policy and reduce their premium. When resilience measures and insurance work together it’s a win-win.

Resilience measures like these can prevent damage to your property. Other measures can reduce the cost of your recovery.

DURING: FloodFlash rapid-payout cover

Once Polygon have prepared your property for flooding, it’s time to make sure the property has the right flood cover. With the insight from the Polygon survey and protection from resilience measures businesses can select their trigger configurations with more certainty. After that you have access to the same rapid-payout insurance that FloodFlash has become known for.

When flood water triggers your policy FloodFlash sensors alert the team. FloodFlash then validates the data and pays the claim in full – usually within 48hours. This speed of payment far surpasses traditional flood claims which can take months or years to resolve. For more on FloodFlash award-winning claims visit our blog.

AFTER: recovery and restoration service

After a flood has hit and the business has received their FloodFlash payout they can use the money however they want. Some business owners – particularly those that haven’t flooded before – benefit from advice at this stage. Unfortunately, fraudsters prey upon flood victims and it can be hard to know whether you’re paying over the odds.

The third part of the FloodFlash-Polygon partnership is designed to help relieve post-payout stress. After the claim is paid, FloodFlash automatically refers claimants to Polygon (with no obligation). They receive all Polygon’s best-in-class restoration services to return the business to trading as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

How to access the FloodFlash and Polygon full-service solution

Like everything FloodFlash, the partnership is flexible. Business owners can choose any combination of the services above. If you only want the pre-flood survey and a FloodFlash policy that’s no problem. At any stage of your resilience journey let us know (or inform your broker) if you want to take advantage of these offers. Email support@floodflash.co and we’ll do the rest.

About Polygon

Polygon is a Global Expert and the European market leader in Property Damage Control. On 3 continents and in 16 countries, our 4.500 service professionals prevent, control, and mitigate the effects of water, fire, and climate. Our innovative and tailor-made solutions combine people, knowledge, and technology for a wide range of customer segments. For more information visit https://www.polygongroup.com/en-GB/services/water-damage