FloodFlash announce Flood February 2021

Award-winning insurer to bring commercial flood risk awareness campaign back on February 8th

FloodFlash have announced Flood February 2021 next week. The campaign is designed to make commercial lines brokers and their clients more aware of the risk that British businesses face from flooding.

After major flooding this week and in January due to Storm Christoph, flooding is high on the agenda for many risk management professionals. Flood February will last a month with regular content designed to help clients make the best decision regarding their flood resilience and insurance options.

New for Flood February 2021

This year will bring more content and insights like the 2020 edition with the noted addition of the FloodFlash Commercial Risk Report. This detailed view of British commercial flood risk gives readers access to some of the data and flood modelling that drives FloodFlash pricing. It will include:

  • how many British businesses are at risk
  • where British businesses are at risk
  • the source of flooding that causes the risk
  • (and for the first time) commercial attitudes to flood risk
FloodFlash brokers can contact brand@floodflash.co for exclusive social media content to support the content on their personal and business channels

How to get involved

The best way to stay up to date is to follow the FloodFlash page on LinkedIn. There you’ll see all the updates over the next few weeks. If you’re a FloodFlash broker partner and you’d like access to the Flood February comms pack, email brand@floodflash.co. If you’re a broker that would like to find out more about the product, email brokers@floodflash.co.

About FloodFlash

FloodFlash uses parametric cover to provide payouts. When taking out cover, the client selects a depth of flooding and a payout. FloodFlash installs an internet-connected sensor to measure flood depths at the insured property. When flood water reaches the pre-agreed amount, FloodFlash organises the payment. The whole process usually takes less than 48 hours from flood to full payment. To find out more, visit our homepage or email enquiries@floodflash.co.