FloodFlash broker portal update – pt. 1: the quote form has evolved

If you are a FloodFlash broker, you will have been using our portal to create quotes for your clients. The portal asks some simple questions about your client and their property before giving you the chance to set trigger depths and payout options. We’ve made a few additions to the form as part of our spring update. Read on to find out more.

What prompted the spring update to the FloodFlash broker portal?

We carried out extensive research with many of you, our brokers. From the feedback, we learned that we could do more to help you and your clients when it came to trigger configuration. We generated the following statement that summarised a key piece of feedback from our product research.  

‘I’m a broker trying to provide my client with FloodFlash cover but I am unsure how to help them choose their triggers because they haven’t experienced a flood before.’  

Each time we look to update the FloodFlash product we start with a statement from the user – in this case, our brokers. The statement above outlined the issue we wanted to solve with this update.

Our research revealed that you were keen for more information during the quote stage. Choosing trigger depths and payout amounts can be tricky, especially for clients that haven’t flooded before. That’s where this update comes in.

Introducing our new quote form – what are the changes?

We now ask you a couple more questions that give insight into the kinds of choices that clients make when configuring their triggers. We have added the following questions, using images to make things as easy as possible: 

  • Does your client’s property have floor(s) below ground level? 
  • Are there any flood resilience measures at your client’s property? 
  • What are the external walls of the property made of? 
The five steps of the updated FloodFlash broker portal.
Here’s an overview of the updated quote form.

How does this portal update help FloodFlash brokers?

We updated the form to help understand client needs better. Each question gives us insight into what clients need from their policy. The Broker Success Team (BST) can now support you better when it comes to providing a trigger configuration to your clients. 

I’m really excited about this particular launch. It serves as a stepping stone to some even more exciting changes planned for the broker portal. I look forward to hearing all the broker feedback. It’s hugely valuable as we continue to improve our product for brokers and their clients

Mital, Product Manager

For example, if they have floors below ground level, they may want to increase their payout. If they have flood defences in place, they may want to increase their trigger depths. Each insight provided has an impact on the trigger choices clients typically make. 

By helping you to understand your client and their property in more detail, the new quote form means you are better equipped to talk them through their trigger depths and payout amounts. This all leads to happier clients and easier conversations when it comes to bind. 

Examples of the visual questions in the updated broker portal.
Some of the key questions include images to help you fully understand your client’s needs.

What hasn’t changed?

Our underwriting process! The way we view the risk of flooding stays the same, and the price for your client does not change, regardless of the new questions on the form. The additional questions are only used to help the BST support you during trigger configurations. 

Can brokers provide feedback?

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch at brokers@floodflash.co. Every message we receive helps us improve our insurance even more – so don’t be shy!