The FloodFlash commercial risk awareness campaign 2022 is here

Each year we run a commercial risk awareness campaign which features our industry leading commercial risk report. This year the report is bigger than ever. Visit the campaign website to get your copy, or email chris@floodflash to get involved with the campaign.

Our biggest campaign ever

A little bit later than usual, the campaign formerly known as Flood February is finally here. It’s our annual effort to raise awareness amongst brokers and the businesses they protect. What are we raising awareness about? The risk of flooding to businesses in Britain.

We’re proud to announce two big updates this year. Firstly, we have built on the insight around commercial flood risk and added a section on the attitudes of those that make decisions based on that risk. It offers a real insight into what proportion of businesses that are worried about flooding have insurance and how they might look to improve the products they have access to.

Secondly, FloodFlash is now carried by over 4,000 brokers across the UK. That means that the number of brokers that will see and share the report with their clients is 2x what it was at the beginning of 2021. We’re hugely grateful for all their work raising awareness and making sure their clients are protected.

The impact of flooding on British commercial properties for all floods on record
The 2022 Risk Report contains loads of great insight and infographics like this one which shows the impact that flooding has had on commercial property over the years. The numbers represent the number of commercial properties affected each year.

A bad sense of timing

Each year that we release the report there seems to be a weather event going on. In 2020 the campaign arrived at the same time as Storm Ciara. In 2021 it was just a month after the devastation caused by Storm Christoph. This year the report is later than usual due to Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin proving a real threat to people and businesses across the country.

Believe it or not, we don’t time the release of the report to be accompanied by a storm. Cynics might say that there is rarely a better time to communicate the risks posed by extreme weather. We don’t agree though. By the time the storms arrive lives and livelihoods are under threat. The risk that we often try to warn people about has turned into real life damage and disruption. Hopefully the work that we and our brokers do to promote risk awareness will help more businesses get ready for the next storm.

What you can do

Visit the website and download the report. Then send it to someone that you think might benefit it. If everyone does that – then a lot more businesses will be better equipped to deal with the risks in front of us.

If you are a broker, in the media or work with people at risk of flooding, we want to hear from you. The report offers a national view, but we can provide data at a regional or sector level. Contact to get bespoke support for your clients, audience or partners.

Want to hear more about our award-winning flood insurance? Visit our homepage, email or call 0333 016 5466.