FloodFlash COVID-19 operations update

COVID-19 guidance is updating fast. This blog will be updated as and when information changes. If you are in any doubt, please follow government recommendations.

Insurance is an essential industry in making sure that businesses do not receive a double-blow over the coming months. This blog shows the small changes we are making to continue providing cover throughout this period of disruption.

FloodFlash is operating a full service

FloodFlash is a digital company. As a result we have been well placed to transition our business to working from home. In fact, we began working from home on Thursday the 12th and have been providing the full FloodFlash service without interruption. Because our business includes the installation of sensors, we want to make you aware of the following:

  • FloodFlash is still providing quotes and binding policies as normal
  • Setting a sensor installation date may take a little longer than usual
  • In the rare case a sensor cannot be installed by the policy start date, the policy is still in place. For more detail on how claims work without the sensor visit paragraphs 4.3 and 4.4 of your policy document
  • Existing policies and quotes are unaffected by recent updates
  • We are providing guidance to our partner engineers on staying compliant with the new government rules

How we ensure sensor installation is compliant with the new rules

There has been no material impact on the cover that we provide at FloodFlash. The only part of the business that is undergoing temporary changes is the way we install the FloodFlash sensor once a policy is bound.

To ensure that our sensor installation is compliant with government advice, we are reiterating the following to our brokers, customers and engineers:

  • The sensor goes on the outside of the building. It is also fully self-sufficient and the installation does not require the engineer to enter the building under any circumstances
  • Customers advising our engineers on where to place the sensor can do so from a safe distance – above 2m (6 ft) away from the engineer
  • When a customer is undergoing self-isolation measures, we are setting up alternative measures bespoke to their situation. Please inform your broker, your broker success contact or email brokers@floodflash.co if that is the case

How to get in touch

If you have any questions about a quote or a policy, or have any special requirements – email support@floodflash.co or call +44 333 016 5466. We wish you and those close to you all the best as we face this crisis together.