Silver screen sensor? ‘FloodFlash’: the motion picture

Recently FloodFlash was announced as a finalist in three categories at the British Insurance Awards (BIAs). Our rapid-payout cover is nominated for the following:

  • The Technology Awards
  • Claims Initiative of the Year – Insurer
  • Specialist Insurance – Company of the Year

We can’t wait to find up if we’ll be taking any of them home. Our hope is that rather than joining on zoom with a home-made cocktail, this year we will be there in person.

The BIAs 2021 competition

Getting back to celebrating together as an industry would never have been enough for the Insurance Post though. Swifty (@InsuranceSwifty) and his team always have a trick up their sleeve. This year it took a very cinematic turn.

Last month they invited each finalist to create a film trailer for the product in their nomination. Each finalist was charged with tweeting their entry to see whose was the most epic/charming/funny/scary (although no insurance company trailer should be scary if you ask us). We’re so proud of the resulting effort that we decided to post it here too – for posterity’s sake.

So sit back, grab the popcorn, and enjoy: ‘the FloodFlash movie trailer’

After all that excitement you probably want to find out more about our rapid-payout insurance. I can’t blame you! The best place to start is on our homepage. Got a question? Email