How FloodFlash filled the excess for retail stores across the UK

We take a look at how a furniture retail company used FloodFlash to cover the excess on several of their stores across the UK.

The flood insurance situation

According to our 2022 Commercial Risk Report, the retail industry represents almost a third of the UK commercial properties at risk of flooding. Even more concerning is that only 58% of the retail businesses we surveyed agree that they have comprehensive flood insurance.

Flooding can hit retail businesses hard, leading to long periods of business interruption.

For this client, their main insurer imposed a large excess on 12 of their stores, due to a high flood risk from surface water flooding.

The FloodFlash situation

The business wanted to find an additional policy to cover their excess in the event of a flood. Their broker knew FloodFlash could plug the gap.

With the help of the FloodFlash team and their broker, the client tailored the policy to suit their needs. For each store’s payout, they chose the excess amount. For each trigger depth, they considered the height at which water would enter each store.

Why FloodFlash?

There are several reasons clients choose FloodFlash for their excess infill policy:

1. Flexible policies:

Whilst this client opted for their excess amount as their payout, clients can choose their payouts and depths to suit their business, risk, and budget. They can retain some of the risk, or increase the excess on their primary policy and cover the difference with FloodFlash.

2. Independent claim

In the event of a flood, the client does not need to claim on their primary policy to get their FloodFlash payout. They can spend the payout how they like, whether that’s on their excess, or covering other costs.

3. Rapid payout

Our smart sensor means we begin the claim as soon as water reaches the client’s trigger depth. This is a lifeline for retail businesses as even short-term closure can lead to significant losses.

The result

FloodFlash provided an affordable solution to fill the client’s excess that improved their ability to deal with future flooding.

‘Rather than presenting a problem to my client, FloodFlash enabled me to deliver a comprehensive solution. The support throughout was exceptional for myself and the client.’

The client’s broker

For more case studies like this, you can download our case study document here. Have you helped a client cover their excess and improve their financial resilience using FloodFlash? Drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to help.

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