Cash flow protection for large and complex risks

FloodFlash now provides bespoke solutions to larger corporate clients, including those with captives, as well as on a facultative basis for cedents. Secure the tailored and efficient protection of catastrophe bonds with the accessibility of FloodFlash coverage.

Secure bespoke flood underwriting at a fraction of the cost

Our bespoke solution for large corporate clients can be used for deductibles, full cover or to support captive portfolios. Watch our short video to find out how it works.

FloodFlash makes complex risks simple

1 - create bespoke triggers


Work with our risk experts to design triggers that suit your risk, including FloodFlash award-winning sensors and third party gauges.

2 - buy down larger deductibles


Use FloodFlash to fill deductibles of any size. Choose your limits to suit your risk with and claim with no impact on the primary policy.

3 - carve flood exposure out entirely


If flood represents a significant exposure in your insurance program, use FloodFlash to remove it and balance risk across your portfolio.

4 - cover multiple risks


If you want to cover multiple buildings in a single site, or across multiple sites we can manage cover that suits your portfolio needs.

5 - reduce basis risk


Unlike other parametric insurers FloodFlash uses sensors installed at your property. That way the cover reflects the risk more accurately.

Complex Industrial Facility

Manufacturing and Warehousing - Coastal Texas

Based in Coastal Texas, the client is a large industrial facility serving oil refinery customers. Like thousands of businesses across Texas, the facility suffered extensive flooding following Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. Since then, they have been unable to secure affordable cover for named storm events without a large deductible.

The client chose to take out $5m in coverage across three trigger depths. Thanks to their new FloodFlash smart sensor, the client is now more resilient than ever. The FloodFlash policy covers immediate losses with a rapid payout. It is up to the client how this payout is used. As well as covering their deductible, the policy can be used for business interruption costs not included in the primary policy.

FloodFlash rapid-payout flood insurance dovetails extremely well with the traditional property insurance, giving our client the best of both worlds. This is a game changing product for the US private flood market and the quote process was quick and easy.

Lee Hollmann, Producer

Pharmaceutical Company

Medical Manufacturing - Boston

The client’s insurance purchasing is centralised via their wholly owned captive insurance subsidiary, which buys external property reinsurance, but retains a portion of the risk within the captive. Part of this retained risk includes property damage, but more crucially, denial of access and business interruption at their manufacturing facility on the South Boston waterfront.

The client chose to take out $10m in coverage across two trigger depths. The flexibility of a FloodFlash+ policy means the payout can cover all types of flood loss. This allowed the client to address their key area of concern and transfer their retained risk.

The site visit from FloodFlash demonstrated the power of parametric flood protection. We take great confidence that the policy triggers selected match tightly with the flood exposure, due to the specific sensor location we chose.

Director of Insurance & Risk Management

Princess Anne Country Club

Hospitality - Virginia

Due to the club’s proximity to the coast, rising sea levels and increasingly intense storms are putting the club at increased risk. Coverage on the National Flood Insurance Program was limited and didn’t extend to business interruption. The club wanted to ensure they were fully protected in the event of a flood.

With the help of their broker, the club designed a policy to supplement the NFIP coverage. With their FloodFlash policy, they no longer have to deal with lengthy admin at the time of claim and can spend the payout how they like.

FloodFlash has offered great service. It has been so much more efficient than working with the National Flood Insurance Program and has allowed us to offer our clients broader and more flexible coverage.

Heather Garrett - Broker