Sports club insurance: five reasons to choose FloodFlash

Buy insurance for your sports club? Don’t let flood cover knock your premium for six

Finding flood insurance for sports clubs can be tricky. Many clubs across Britain are in areas with a high flood risk. FloodFlash flood insurance is now available for all of them. It is custom-built to help clubs get fast, easy and flexible cover for their pavilion, clubhouse or stand. This new cover acts as an add-on to your main property policy.

Clubs across the country already use FloodFlash for their flood risks. These range from team in the football league to community cricket clubs. Here are five reasons why…

#1 FloodFlash quotes for sports club insurance no matter the risk

Floodplains are a very attractive place to choose for a sports ground or stadium. Large and flat might be great for the game but it isn’t for the flood risk. Pitches are often placed in areas where building isn’t possible due to historical flooding or the risk of future floods. The result is that many clubs are at significant flood risk. Ongoing urban development in the areas around sports grounds only makes the problem worse.

FloodFlash uses the latest flood modelling with connected sensor technology. As a result FloodFlash prices are accurate to an individual property – not a postcode. This specialist pricing means that you can get a quote even when other insurers are walking away due to the risk.

Many sports fields and clubs are in areas that are hit hardest by adverse weather conditions. FloodFlash can be used even if the club is in a high-risk zone.

#2 It can cover any sports club property

FloodFlash can be used for any club or society, from private bowls clubs or charity sports grounds up to landmark stadiums. As long as the address you are looking to insure is used not primarily a residential address then FloodFlash can provide insurance.

Here are some examples of where FloodFlash can help:

  • community sports clubs
  • professional sports grounds
  • charity grounds and facilities
  • sports societies and clubhouses

FloodFlash works for any sport, indoor or outdoor. Only homeowners don’t currently have access to FloodFlash. Everyone else is free to request a quote.

#3 You can get back on the pitch faster because claims get paid within days

When a flood happens the first casualty is often the playing surfaces or pitches. Long term flooding can require specialist expertise to become playable again. Worse still, some clubs need to rent alternative premises, costly for the club and the fans. Traditional insurance can take months to settle claims. When flooding brings significant costs in the short term, slow payouts can put significant distress on club finances.

FloodFlash claims are different. After Storm Ciara devastated the UK on Sunday 9 February, FloodFlash paid claims in full just 26 hours after the floods hit. By the end of the week FloodFlash had paid all claims from the flood. Having the cash in the bank means that recovery begins earlier. That means repairs begin faster and the club can host players and fans faster.

#4 You can spend money from claims how you like

Another benefit to choosing FloodFlash for your sports club flood insurance is that there are no restrictions on how you use the money. When a flood occurs, you can assess the situation and apply the funds to best aid your recovery. This may mean concentrating on more staff for pitch repairs, hiring machinery to clear car parks or for hiring alternative grounds or changing rooms. FloodFlash payouts can cover intangible losses like loss of ticket sales.

Some FloodFlash clients have used money from claims to invest in flood resilience measures. That way their club is better prepared for the next flood.

FloodFlash already protects many golf courses across the country. They can use the payout for anything from lost green fees, course maintenance or damage to property around the course.

#5 If you have made your club more resilient, you can choose a cheaper premium

Many sports clubs chairman and managers are aware of their risk. A lot have flooded before. In both cases it is common that the club has taken out flood resilience measures. This might be raising a tennis clubhouse on stilts or installing floodgates on the squash court doors. All efforts to reduce the flood damage your club will incur can lead to a cheaper premium.

FloodFlash policies are flexible. Clients choose the flood depth that they wish to insure against and the amount of money they receive. If our squash club example installs flood gates to a depth of 60cm, they can choose a trigger depth of 60cm rather than 20cm. This makes the premium significantly cheaper. Check out the video below for an example of how a rugby club raised their club house after flooding. Their FloodFlash policy became much cheaper as a result.

Find out how Tonbridge Juddians RFC saved money on their premium thanks to smart resilience thinking.

There are many more reasons why you should consider FloodFlash for your sports club insurance. If you want information or to request a quote, visit the homepage or contact us via your broker.