Internet of Things: change the way you think about insurance

Check out our brand-new explainer video. We spent several weeks working alongside our friends at Yudle crafting an animation that succinctly explains parametric flood insurance. Easier said than done, perhaps. If you consult one typically reliable online encyclopedia, you’ll read the following definition of parametric insurance: “Parametric insurance is a type of insurance that does not indemnify the […]

FloodFlash raises £1.9m seed funding

Today we announced the news that we’ve raised a further £1.9m of seed funding to accelerate FloodFlash’s nationwide roll-out. You can read the full press release below. A huge thank-you to everyone involved. London, 1st August 2018 — FloodFlash, an insurtech startup that offers a new way for customers to insure previously uninsurable flood risk, has […]