Where should I put my FloodFlash sensor?

FloodFlash policies operate a little differently to traditional insurance policies. Every FloodFlash policy comes with a smart sensor. It is the key to our rapid claims and affordable premiums. When the sensor measures flooding at the the chosen trigger depth, we start the claim. Placing the sensor is the first step to getting FloodFlash cover in […]

FloodFlash announce US expansion

FloodFlash expands to support additional US states [NEW YORK, January 16, 2024] FloodFlash, the first insurance technology company to offer sensor-enabled parametric flood insurance, has today announced its expansion to a further 10 US states. Delaware, Iowa, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, Vermont and Massachusetts now have unrestricted access to the […]

Of sensors, stats & parametric satellites – a tale of modern parametric insurance

Why do FloodFlash use a sensor for our parametric flood insurance? Are there more high-tech solutions available? Why, for example – do we not use satellite data for our parametric policies? Parametric cover has come a long way from bottomry contracts and Roman ship protection. In this article, FloodFlash Catastrophe Risk Analyst Henry Bellwood reviews […]

FloodFlash sensor: everything you need to know about our award-winning tech

FloodFlash sensor on reflective background

Every FloodFlash policy includes a smart sensor. It is the key to our rapid claims and affordable premiums. Using a sensor for commercial flood insurance is pretty new, so it’s understandable that people have questions. This blog gives a full rundown on what you need to know about the FloodFlash sensor for policies on our […]

Hannover Re FloodFlash featurette

Last year our friends at Hannover Re paid team FloodFlash a visit to produce a mini-documentary on our unique form of parametric insurance. A lot has changed since then. We have smashed records in GWP and claim payment times. Brokers can now get bespoke support on every risk thanks to our new smart quote feature. […]

Five statistics brokers should know about commercial flood risk in Britain

Earlier this year, we released our industry leading 2022 Commercial Risk Report, which raises awareness of the flood risk facing commercial properties in Britain. This blog contains the report’s headline insights. Each insight is a key tool to help clients understand their flood-related risks.   Fact 1 – 40% of small businesses close for good […]

FloodFlash announce presence at 2022 Airmic conference

The Airmic conference starts on the Monday the 6th of June, ending on Wednesday the 8th. For more information about FloodFlash at the 2022 Airmic conference contact chris@floodflash or call 0203 608 6620. FloodFlash to exhibit at 2022 Airmic conference to grow their presence amongst the risk manager community [MAY 25, 2022] FloodFlash, the parametric […]

FloodFlash exhibiting at RIMS 2022

For more information contact chris@floodflash or call 0203 608 6620. FloodFlash RIMS appearance represents first step towards US launch after $15m Series A [APR 04, 2022] FloodFlash today announced that they are exhibiting at the RIMS 2022 conference. The announcement arrives just months after the parametric insurtech revealed their intentions to expand internationally. The $15m […]

The FloodFlash commercial risk awareness campaign 2022 is here

Each year we run a commercial risk awareness campaign which features our industry leading commercial risk report. This year the report is bigger than ever. Visit the campaign website to get your copy, or email chris@floodflash to get involved with the campaign. Our biggest campaign ever A little bit later than usual, the campaign formerly […]

FloodFlash raises $15m Series A with sights set on US expansion

The following is the press release announcement for the FloodFlash Series A fundraise. For more information contact chris@floodflash or call 0203 608 6620. FloodFlash raises $15m Series A led by Buoyant Ventures and featuring Munich Re Ventures FloodFlash Series A to capitalize international growth as company targets $58bn flood underinsurance problem [FEB 10, 2022] FloodFlash, […]