Where should I put my FloodFlash sensor?

FloodFlash policies operate a little differently to traditional insurance policies. Every FloodFlash policy comes with a smart sensor. It is the key to our rapid claims and affordable premiums. When the sensor measures flooding at the the chosen trigger depth, we start the claim. Placing the sensor is the first step to getting FloodFlash cover in […]

Cover up this summer. FloodFlash on the 2019 Summer floods

Summer Flooding. Having a blast? At this time of year it’s easy to have one eye on a summer getaway, the first barbecue, or what to do with the kids for the long holiday. Normally people don’t think of wet weather and flooding during the summer. That’s why headlines like this can be confusing and […]

In the news: The Oxford Times

The City of Dreaming Spires; famously home to Philip Pullman novels, a complete dump, and many small businesses under threat of serious flooding. The FloodFlash team were on the road last week, meeting them, finding out about their flood issues and gathering together their thoughts on the event-based FloodFlash policy. The reception was fantastic — and the Oxford […]

Why we started FloodFlash

Adam and I officially set up FloodFlash in the kitchen of my flat in September 2016. It was a small step, the result of a long line of conversations about an idea which we thought could work. We didn’t know at the time, but only 9 months later we would be setting up for real. Here we tell […]

Internet of Things: change the way you think about insurance

Check out our brand-new explainer video. We spent several weeks working alongside our friends at Yudle crafting an animation that succinctly explains parametric flood insurance. Easier said than done, perhaps. If you consult one typically reliable online encyclopedia, you’ll read the following definition of parametric insurance: “Parametric insurance is a type of insurance that does not indemnify the […]

Podcast: what is parametric insurance?

It sounds like deep industry jargon, and the Wikipedia entry on the subject hardly helps. The reality is that parametric insurance is very simple; arguably simpler and certainly more objective and transparent than traditional insurance policies. This was the subject of discussion when I sat down with Mike Baliman of the London Fintech Podcast a couple of months ago, […]