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New text FloodFlash now provides bespoke solutions to larger corporate clients, including those with captives, as well as on a facultative basis for cedents. Secure the tailored and efficient protection of catastrophe bonds with the accessibility of FloodFlash coverage.

Authorised and regulated by the FCA

FloodFlash Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FloodFlash policies are underwritten by Munich Re Innovation Syndicate.
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The reason why parametric insurance is affordable compared to traditional insurance is down to the costs and uncertainty associated with each policy. The costs are greater in traditional insurance because they need to pay loss adjusters, claims teams, legal or other costs. Similarly, traditional insurers are more exposed to uncertainty when a flood occurs. They can’t predict the exact damage caused by a flood because of all the variables so their final bill is unknown – and they deal with this uncertainty by charging more premium or refusing to cover flood.

We agree a set payout for when a flood occurs which we measure using our sensor, so we don’t have the costs and uncertainty mentioned above. This means that our premiums can be significantly lower than traditional providers.