Trigger happy: A closer look at smart quote

Earlier this year, we released smart quote, a ground-breaking update to our portal and the FloodFlash journey. In our second blog of the Autumn campaign, we recap the update, and take a look at how it is already helping brokers across the UK.

What is smart quote?

Smart quote is our answer to the question: what if clients don’t know what triggers to pick? Launched in June this year, it has helped countless brokers and their clients make the most of our award-winning insurance.

With 5,000 possible smart quote combinations, we've delivered over 20,000 insights so far.
Smart quote by the numbers – so far.

For the uninitiated, smart quote is a portal feature exclusive to brokers. When brokers submit a quote, the portal processes the data. Smart quote produces a suggested trigger setup and bespoke insights for every single client. It’s our secret weapon that brokers can use to guide clients setting their cover for the first time. Want a closer look at how it works – check out this blog.

What brokers are saying

This is the first time anyone has provided bespoke insights to support mass market uptake of parametric insurance. FloodFlash brokers now have the power of our modelling data at their fingertips. Here’s what they are saying:

I like the recommendation and insights. I found it very useful for understanding the risk and for talking to the client.

S, FloodFlash broker

It’s less labour intensive than other portals out there.

C, FloodFlash broker

The insights are very helpful and the portal is easy to use.

M, FloodFlash broker

To sum these all up:

‘Love it!’

J, FloodFlash broker

The future of smart quote

The best thing about smart quote is that it will only get smarter. Over time machine-learning and AI capabilities will help smart quote learn about real business needs and translate them into more accurate calculations for brokers and their clients.

Smart quote uses the science behind the models to give brokers a head-start in their efforts to get the best cover for their clients.

Henry Bellwood, FloodFlash analyst

We always encourage brokers to tweak the cover to suit their clients, but there may be a time in the future where FloodFlash can generate the exact policy that a client needs based on their potential losses. In other words, this is only the beginning.

If you’re a FloodFlash broker you can access smart quote through the FloodFlash broker portal. Not signed up to provide our award-winning cover? Email today.

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