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Introducing the broadest commercial flood insurance coverage on the market.

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Why choose FloodFlash

At FloodFlash our mission is to help more businesses and public entities recover from catastrophic flooding using parametric insurance. Whether your clients need full flood coverage, NFIP excess limits, or coverage for business interruption, FloodFlash is here to help the clients that the traditional market has left behind.

The coming hurricane season is set to be ‘supercharged’ by warm oceans and the “La Niña” weather event, with more, and more violent storms predicted. Now is the best time to make sure your clients are covered for the storms to come. 

How it works

Our data and smart sensor approach removes the uncertainty, cost and time of traditional flood insurance. As a result we can provide fast, flexible and affordable coverage to the businesses and public entities that need it most.

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The broadest coverage on the market

The typical FloodFlash client profile contains a combination of the factors below:

  • Risk is too large for existing markets
  • Difficult to underwrite class of business
  • Sites with high risk of flooding
  • Has experienced previous losses
FloodFlash is best suited to larger businesses, corporations and municipalities that the NFIP does not cater for. It is also great for clients that need coverage for losses that sit outside the NFIP such as business interruption, vehicles, landscaping, and HVAC (etc.).

What clients get from
sensor-powered insurance

FloodFlash policies includes our proprietary IoT-connected sensors that measure flooding at your property. Here’s why organisations across the US are turning to our award-winning coverage.

Affordable premiums

Our advanced risk modelling and cloud-based underwriting technology were custom-built to keep premiums down.

Expert Support

Get tailored risk advice bespoke to your business. FloodFlash experts are on hand to help with every stage of the journey.

Rapid-payment claims

The smart sensor sends us the data we need within moments of the flood. That way you can begin your recovery faster.

What you get when
working with FloodFlash

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Broadest coverage on the market

Offer the coverage that clients can’t get anywhere else. There are no limitations on the client sector or flood zone. Plus, FloodFlash can be used for anything, including Excess NFIP and Business Interruption.

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Grow your commission

FloodFlash provides coverage where others can’t. Existing property clients looking to reduce their exposure are a great source of new commission without having to win new clients.

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Happy clients

For years clients have suffered with insufficient limits, rising premiums and disappointing claims. Introduce them to a new way to protect their business from catastrophic flooding.

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Award-winning claims

FloodFlash pays claims fast. Average claim payment time is a few weeks after the client flooding. That means faster recovery, less business interruption and a much better claims experience.

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