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REIT Client who claimed in 2020

Deductible Infill for Coastal Texas Industrial Facility

Oil & Gas - Texas


FloodFlash’s rapid pay-out flood insurance dovetails extremely well with the traditional property insurance, giving our client the best of both worlds.

This is a game changing product for the US private flood market and the quote process was quick and easy


Based in Coastal Texas, the business is a large industrial facility serving oil refinery customers. The facility consists of a number of plant production, support, warehousing and administrative buildings, as well as contaminated water treatment ponds, across different elevations.

Like thousands of businesses across Texas, the facility suffered extensive flooding following Hurricane Harvey in August 2017. Since then, they have been unable to secure affordable cover for named storm events.

The businesses insurance brokers worked to restructure the property program. They increased the deductible associated with the named storm cover, reducing the premiums significantly. The brokers then covered the deductible using a FloodFlash policy. This allowed a significant saving on premium while still maintaining the same level of protection.

Thanks to their new FloodFlash smart sensor, the business is now more resilient than ever before. The FloodFlash policy covers immediate losses with a rapid payout. It is up to the business how this payout is used. As well as covering their deductible, the policy can be used for business interruption costs not included in the primary policy.

NFIP-wraparound for BI + excess layer

Hospitality & Restaurant - Florida

Bon Appetit Restaurant next to the Gulf of Mexico

It’s nice to be able to offer my clients an alternative solution for their flood insurance needs, which can be customized based on the amount of exposure they are willing to assume. The unique approach of installing an actual flood sensor, combined with an on-site survey, allowed us to pair the FloodFlash solution with the standard NFIP flood insurance program. In this case, it was more affordable than any private flood carrier


Bon Appétit Restaurant has been Dunedin’s choice for fine cuisine for over four decades. Serving up culinary joy against a backdrop of St Joseph’s Sound famous sunset, it has been voted “Best Waterfront Dining” in Tampa Bay.

Located in the waterfront community of Dunedin on the western coast of Florida, the restaurant is familiar with flood risk in the Gulf of Mexico. Whilst they had found a private flood option in the past, premium increases and limitations on the business interruption coverage meant it was no longer suited to their needs.

After exploring options with their agent and broker, the business realised that a combined NFIP and FloodFlash option offered the best fit. The FloodFlash team carried out a site visit and worked closely with the client, providing insights on the property to better understand the depths of flooding that would causes losses to the business income.

Captive reinsurance for Fortune 500 pharma

Parmaceutical manufacturing - Massachusetts


The highly personal nature of deploying the FloodFlash technology on site makes claims notification immediate and claim settlement almost instant, providing the business with immediate liquidity in their hour of need. These were key and compelling factors in our client’s decision making process


The business is based in the waterfront area of Boston, Massachussetts. They manufacture critical medical products that treat a range of serious diseases.

The businesses insurance purchasing is centralised via their wholly owned captive insurance subsidiary, which buys external property reinsurance, but retains a portion of the risk within the captive. Part of this retained risk includes property damage, but more crucially, denial of access and business interruption at their manufacturing facility on the South Boston waterfront.

The broker developed a FloodFlash policy that carves out this retained flood exposure, using a facultative reinsurance contract. FloodFlash now acts as reinsurance cover for any property damage, business interruption and denial of access losses caused by storm surge activity.

The flexibility of a FloodFlash policy means the payout can cover all types of flood loss. This allowed the business to tailor coverage to address their key area of concern and transfer their retained risk.

Non-standard property coverage for Virginia Golf Course

Golf Course & Country Club - Virginia

FloodFlash has offered great service. It has been so much more efficient than working with the National Flood Insurance Program and has allowed us to offer our clients broader and flexible coverage.


This business is a coastal Virginia golf and country club. Founded at the turn of the 20th Century as a modest social club, it has grown to include a golf course, tennis facility, clubhouse, and swimming pool complex.

Due to the country club’s proximity to the coast, it has a high risk from coastal flooding. Rising sea levels and increasingly intense storms are putting the club at increased risk.

Coverage on the National Flood Insurance Program was limited, and didn’t extend to business interruption. The club wanted to ensure they were fully protected in the event of a flood, so asked their broker to look into private alternatives.

The flexibility of FloodFlash appealed to the country club. With the help of their broker they were able to choose the coverage that suited them. They settled on a singular payout that would cover damages and business interruption caused by a flood.

With their FloodFlash policy, they no longer have to deal with lengthy admin at the time of claim and can spend the payment as they like.

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