Flood BI: the new solution for flood related business interruption

We have taken the same principles of our award-winning product and pointed them at the issue of Business Interruption (BI). Whether it’s related to building damage, loss of machinery, loss of inventory, denial of access or contingent BI – Flood BI is here to provide an injection of funds when you need it most. 

Unlock your business faster after flooding with rapid-payout Flood BI

When flooding strikes, business interruption can be the greatest cost for businesses and public entities. Flood BI is designed to support with rapid payment parametric coverage. Use it for payroll, mortgage/rent/lease repayments, loan repayments, contract fulfilment, relocation costs, denial of access, any additional operating expenses or interruption resulting from the flood.

We help all client types underserved by the traditional market, with particular traction with:

  • Hotels and Hospitality
  • Sport and Leisure (inc contingency)
  • Retail
  • Hospitals, Healthcare and assisted living
  • Real estate (tenant rent holiday)
  • Manufacturing (inc. Pharma)
  • Builders Risk (project delays)
  • Municipality (lost sales taxes)
  • Education (inc. private)

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Plug any BI coverage gaps


Standalone BI Coverage

Secure business interruption coverage without the requirement to place property damage coverage.


Enhance NFIP or
Other Coverage

Fill the BI gaps that other policies can’t reach.


Use to Buy Down
Waiting Period

Our flood BI product has no specified time requirement for the flooding. When flood water reaches the trigger depth we pay.


Contingent and
Non-Physical BI

Would your client suffer loss of revenue or increased expenses due to flooding at a different location or via denial of access?  Use FloodFlash BI to protect against this loss.


Liquidity and Financial Resilience Booster

When flooding happens footfall or production drops. Get an immediate cash payment to support as your business recovers.

It was very smooth. Within hours we were asked for bank details. Before we knew where we were the payment had been made."

Paul Wadsworth
FloodFlash Claimant

Download Flood BI Guide