Information for policyholders

If you hold a FloodFlash policy, you can review details around your policy and get in touch using the links below.

How to claim

In almost all cases, your sensor(s) will alert FloodFlash that flooding is underway. We will be in touch to confirm that a claim has been opened on your behalf.

If you have experienced flooding that you think should have triggered your sensor, please contact us within 28 days. We will then investigate both the sensor function and the flooding. Do not worry if that is the case, we do have other ways to validate claims that are outlined in the policy wording. The only change to be aware of is that the claim may take slightly longer than the typical 2 weeks.

Review policy details

We pride ourselves on making parametric insurance clear. To review our standard FloodFlash policy wording, click view policy wording. If you want us to send documents that are specific to your policy select request documents. To find out more about the FloodFlash sensor attached to your property, click explore the sensor. For anything else, take a look at our FAQs select get in touch.