Parametric flood insurance that gives you more

Introducing the broadest commercial flood insurance coverage on the market.

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What you get from
sensor-powered insurance

FloodFlash policies includes our proprietary IoT-connected sensors that measure flooding at your property. Here’s why organisations across the US are turning to our award-winning coverage.

Lower basis risk

More reliable than satellite data and closer to the insured premises than tidal and river gauges. The FloodFlash approach is parametric 2.0.

Broader coverage

Use FloodFlash to cover any financial losses that arise from flooding. Excess limit increases, business interruption, carve out flood risk from a captive – it’s up to you.

Faster claims

The smart sensor sends us the data we need within moments of the flood. That way you can begin your recovery faster.

The broadest coverage on the market

The typical FloodFlash client contains a combination of the factors below:

  • Risk is too large for existing markets
  • Difficult to underwrite class of business
  • Sites with high risk of flooding
  • Has experienced previous losses
FloodFlash is best suited to larger businesses, corporations and municipalities that the NFIP does not cater for. It is also great for clients that need coverage for losses that sit outside the NFIP such as business interruption, vehicles, landscaping, and HVAC (etc.).


If you’re not sure – consult your insurance broker or get in touch by emailing

Rapid-payment claims in action

FloodFlash have monitored over 4,000 sensor flood events and paid claims across 4 major storms. Here’s how a typical claim pays out weeks from the day of flooding.


Stage 1:

The flood begins

Stage 2:

Water reaches the client's trigger depth


Stage 3:

The FloodFlash team opens the claim


Stage 4:

FloodFlash sends an initial payment based on estimated losses


Stage 5:

Recovery begins


Stage 6:

After 6 months, the client provides a proof of loss to inform any final payments

The sensor behind the claims

Each policy comes with a mobile-connected sensor installed at the property. If needed we can install multiple across larger sites too. The sensor reports any flooding. When the agreed trigger-depth has been reached the sensor alerts us. We then kick off the claims process – no documents required.

The sensor is an important part of FloodFlash insurance, so it is designed to last.

  • High-accuracy, ultra-sonic depth measurement
  • long-life battery to last 7-12 years
  • internet connectivity to send up-to-date flood data
  • memory chip to store data for when networks fail
  • tamper and storm resistant
  • simple, fast installation

The quote process in four steps


1. Determine sensor location

The smart sensor that comes with every policy must be installed on an external wall of a property on the site you are looking to insure. If in doubt, the FloodFlash team can support your efforts.


2. Decide your parametric triggers

Select the trigger depth and associated payout for the policy. The depth is measured from ground level at the point where the sensor is placed. FloodFlash experts are on hand to provide insights and guide you throughout.


3. Review

Our quote and non-binding indication documents are designed so it’s easy to explore different trigger setups for a policy. Simply enter the values decided in stage 2 to review and adjust the policy premium.


4. Formalise terms with FloodFlash

Once happy with the sensor placement and trigger setup, confirm the details for the policy with a FloodFlash expert to begin the bind process.

Our insurance partners

As traditional catastrophe becomes harder to come by, some of the world’s biggest insurers are backing parametric products. FloodFlash is no different. Having been coverholders at Lloyd’s of London since launch and FloodFlash is supported by some of the world’s biggest and most exciting reinsurance partners.

FloodFlash also boasts excellent partnerships within the broking sector with many of the world’s top brokerage organisations counting FloodFlash amongst their parametric flood offering.