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FloodFlash is an Excess and Surplus Lines product. To get an agency with us, or request an introduction to wholesalers that we work with, click the button below.

How FloodFlash fits into the market

FloodFlash is best suited to larger businesses, corporations and municipalities that the NFIP does not cater for. This is mainly because the NFIP offers insufficient limits for larger businesses. It can also be due to the client requiring coverage for losses that sit outside the NFIP such as business interruption, vehicles, landscaping, HVAC (etc.).  

The typical FloodFlash client profile contains a combination of the factors below:

  • Risk is too large for existing markets
  • Difficult to underwrite class of business
  • Sites with high risk of flooding
  • Has experienced previous losses
What is FloodFlash used for?

The flexible nature of FloodFlash parametric insurance means that it has many used cases. We’ve seen clients use FloodFlash for deductible buy-down, excess NFIP, wrap-around coverage, standalone BI, excluded assets, full catastrophe carve-out. In short, FloodFlash can be used for any flood coverage need.

What you get

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Broadest coverage on the market

Offer the coverage that clients can’t get anywhere else. There are no limitations on the client sector or flood zone. Plus, FloodFlash can be used for anything, including Excess NFIP and Business Interruption.

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Grow your commission

FloodFlash provides coverage where others can’t. Existing property clients looking to reduce their exposure are a great source of new commission without having to win new clients.

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Happy clients

For years clients have suffered with insufficient limits, rising premiums and disappointing claims. Introduce them to a new way to protect their business from catastrophic flooding.

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Award-winning claims

FloodFlash pays claims fast. Average claim payment time is just two weeks after your client floods. That means faster recovery, less business interruption and a much better claims experience.