Welcome to FloodFlash Nyasha Kuwana!

Nyasha Kuwana latest to join exciting event-based insurer as the FloodFlash Head of Product

We’re excited to announce that Nyasha Kuwana has joined the FloodFlash team as the new Head of Product. Nyasha will be responsible for evolving the current FloodFlash product, making it easier and more flexible for our customers. She brings a wealth of experience, having worked for insurance giants such as Aviva and AXA, where she managed and developed their customer propositions. Her previous experiences and comprehensive knowledge of the industry bring real firepower to the team.

Nyasha has a long held passion for insurance. The industry often gets a bad press. Nyasha believes that people often overlooks the social good insurance contributes to society. Furthermore, she particularly admires the role of insurance in helping people recover from catastrophe. That way they can take financial risks otherwise unavailable to them. For her, FloodFlash is a great example of a provider fulfilling both those important roles.

On joining FloodFlash, Nyasha said: “Having consulted for FloodFlash for a short while, I’m delighted to now join on a full time basis. Parametric insurance has great potential and the chance to help expand and develop this with such a promising insurtech was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up”.

FloodFlash co-founder Ian Bartholomew said: “Nyasha is a great addition to the growing FloodFlash team. Her background and knowledge of the industry will allow her to be a customer champion and help improve their experiences as we grown in the UK and beyond.”

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