Why sports clubs choose FloodFlash for more flexible flood cover  

With the Euros kicking off in Germany this week, just two weeks after major flooding affected the country, we thought it a good opportunity to delve into sports clubs.

How does flooding impact a sports club?

When a flood hits a sports club, the first casualty is often the pitch or playing surface itself. Long term flooding can require specialist expertise to become playable again. Worse still, some clubs need to rent alternative premises, costly for the club.

As well as the pitch or grounds, sports clubs often feature clubhouses or hospitality facilities which bring in a significant portion of revenue. Flooding can leave these buildings requiring costly clean-up, repairs, and refurbishment.

Finally, even if flooding doesn’t cause damage to the buildings or grounds themselves, non-damage business interruption can also be a loss driver. Refunds to fans and pitch or clubhouse users can be expensive, and paying bills and wages during this time can lead to clubs being out of pocket.

The FloodFlash solution

We’ve helped a whole host of sports clubs get cover, from local sports clubs to prestigious racecourses and previous hosts of major golf championships. Here’s how smart cover helps secure custom protection for your club:

  1. Each policy includes smart sensor technology. When the sensor detects flooding, we begin the claim – meaning no dangerous trips to the pitch.
  2. Design the policy that suits the risk. Clubs with resilience measures may be able to cope with low-level flooding, so can benefit from a higher trigger.
  3. Use FloodFlash to cover any costs caused by a flood. Cover clubhouse repair, alternative pitch hire or spectator refunds. The choice is yours.

It’s this speed, simplicity and flexibility that leads to quotes like this from sports clubs who have experienced a claim: ‘I think the whole process from start to finish is by far the best process I’ve had with any insurance company.’

FloodFlash in action

For professional sports clubs, the impacts of a flood can be severe. From refunds to fans, lost game-day revenue, and a large number of staff on their books, costs can quickly add up.

After a previous flood event, the holding insurer of a former Premier League football club imposed a £1m limit and a £100,000 excess in the event of a flood.

Like other sports clubs, football clubs have to consider the full range of costs associated with flooding – from pitch repair to building refurbishment and business interruption costs.

Their broker knew they could fill this gap with FloodFlash. A two-trigger structure allowed them to cover their excess and top up their existing limits. If water reaches 0.2m, they will receive £100,000, and if it reaches 0.8m, they’ll receive a further £2m.

This means they can remain confident that in the event of a flood, they’ll have the budget to account for pitch and building damage as well as any BI costs that arise.

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